Cuyahoga County’s first-ever Reentry Week gives 4,000+ former inmates a second chance at society

Plenty of tours exist that showcase all Cleveland has to offer—but none quite like this one. From a boutique for curvy women to an upscale restaurant to a carpet cleaner to a vineyard, eight local businesses formed the itinerary for the Cash Mob/Passport Bus Tour held on Tuesday, April 24. The common thread? All of the businesses are owned by, staffed by, and support returning citizens (those making the transition from incarceration back to society).

The offbeat tour was just one of numerous events held to commemorate the county’s first-ever Reentry Awareness Week—part of an effort initiated during Barack Obama’s presidency and resurrected by President Trump’s recent declaration of April 2018 as “Second Chance Month.”

Crystal Bryant, director of Cuyahoga County’s Office of Reentry, says the effort largely stemmed from the desire to make sure the good work Obama started would continue. “When 2017 came around, there was silence around Reentry Week, and we were afraid that our ability to gain national traction and awareness would be lost,” shares Bryant. “So we went to our local elected officials and approached them with the ask, and they issued the proclamation.”

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