Youth Services

Rainey Institute

1523 East 55th St Cleveland OH 44103

Provides multi-media arts, dramatic arts, theater, musical instruction, After -school and summer day camping.

Contact: Mr. Lee Lazar (216) 881-1766

Fatima Family Center

6600 Lexington Ave Cleveland, OH 44103

Pantry Program, Soup Kitchen, Emergency assistance, Tutoring, After-school Activities, Head start, GED, Violence Prevention.

Contact: Mrs. La Jean Ray, Director (216) 391-0505

Cleveland UMADAOP

1215 East 79th St Cleveland, OH 44103

Programs for children & youth  6-18 yrs.  Performance arts-based programming.  Programming designed to assist youth in developing strong resiliency, desires for academic excellence,  strong self confidence and efficacy and a commitment to freedom from drug use that causes self-defeating behaviors.

Contact: Ms. Honey Bell-Bey (216) 361-2040

Thurgood Marshall Recreation Center

8611 Hough Ave Cleveland, OH 44103

Provides services in Boys & Girl Basketball & Baseball Teams, Football, Drum, Boxing, Swimming, Tennis, Summer Camping


Contact: Mr. Michael Cox (216)466-4045

Lexington Bell Community Center

7724 Lexington Cleveland, OH 44103

Offers tutoring, Foster Grandparents program, After - school program,  Boy Scouts and Early Childhood Education

Contact: Ms. LuAnn Peters, Executive Director (216) 391-4100

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